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Expertise in science meets economic thinking in Research and Development


What we do

Our main services

IBR as an interface between academia and industry mediates between scientific creativity and economic goal setting. The mission is, to support science in its quest for discoveries and inventions and to make this the basis for the generation of economic value.
IBR CONSULTING Services Analyzing trends

Analyzing trends

We analyze trends and developments in science and business, and make the results a basis for the planning of R & D programs and organizations that aim at economically valuable innovations.
  • Strategic and economic evaluation of science and business developments/trends
  • Due Dilligence processes
IBR CONSULTING Planning research programs

Planning of research programs

We provide strategic and operational planning of research programs and research projects.
  • Strategy development: strategic goals, analysis of competitive environment, SWOT analysis, strategic initiatives, action points
  • Operational planning: resources, milestones, deliveries, timelines, controlling, reporting
IBR CONSULTING Services Planning of R&D organizations

Planning of R & D organizations

We advise on planning, building up or re-structuring of research organizations, in order to reach strategic goals in R & D.
  • Analysis of resource and infrastructural needs, including personnel
  • Adjustment to given framework conditions
  • Proposal of organizational structures
  • Building interdisciplinary teams
IBR CONSULTING Services PPP and cooperations

PPP and cooperations

We support and mediate the establishment and management of public-private partnerships and of cooperations between companies.
  • Identifying mutually beneficial fields for cooperation
  • Finding cooperation partners
  • Building interdisciplinary partnerships
  • Contract negotiation
  • Cooperation/project management
IBR CONSULTING Services Technology transfer

Technology transfer

We facilitate successful technology transfer.
  • Identifying research results and technologies with relevance for the development of novel products and processes in industry
  • Finding licensees and licensors
  • Contract negotiations
IBR CONSULTING Services Funding research programs

Funding research programs

We assist in securing the funding of research programs and projects.
  • Identifying opportunities for external funding
  • Application for external funding
IBR CONSULTING Services for Start-ups


We work with start-up founders.
  • Identifying research results or technologies with potential for foundation of start-ups
  • Building foundation teams
  • Development of business plans
  • Finding partners
  • Financing
IBR CONSULTING Services Career planning

Career planning

We coach in professional career planning.
  • Profiling of personal capabilities and interests
  • Identifying career opportunities
  • Support in job application
  • Support in professional change processes
  • Marketing of scientists
IBR CONSULTING Services Science communication and public relations

Science communication

We mediate public and political outreach programs.
  • Identifying target groups and partners
  • Design of concepts and messages
  • Supporting meetings and presentations